ISAAC FARMS INC.              


Isaac Farms and Succulent world LLC. are specialized succulent and cacti growers with a wide varieties and availability of plants the whole year. Due to the high inquiries to sell plants by the internet, we are finishing our logistic plan to provide the best experience for our customers.

As an internet customer, you will receive Assorted/mix individual succulent plants similar to the pictures. As you see there are 2" pots and 4"  pots. The minimum order is a 4" tray of 10 or 15 succulents, in 2" the minimum are 42 2" succulents in a tray, each plant will be shipped in 2" or 4" plastic pot accordling to your selection.


We will accept Paypal and Major Credits cards.


We will use Priority mail shipping, depending on the size and weight of the plants, normally it takes around 3 days to arrive. First class mail takes between 2 to 7 business days. After payment is received, we will send the orders collected during the week every Thursday.

Please update your shipping address, we will not be responsible for packages send to incorrect address.


10 - 4" SUCCULENT BOX       $37.50

15 - 4" SUCCULENT BOX       $52.50

20 - 4" SUCCULENT BOX       $72.00

42 - 2" SUCCULENT BOX       $65.00

100 - 2" SUCCULENT BOX     $125.00

SUCCULENT & CACTI ASSORTMENT                                       BOX SALES.