As an innovator in the sector of Living Walls/Vertical Gardens, Isaac Farms has pioneered some of the most difficult vertical garden challenges in Miami. Our work can be seen in some of the most prestigious and architecturally significant buildings in our city. Taking advantage of economies of scale Isaac Farms is able to offer the best prices on custom and pre-made vertical garden frames as-well as complete packages. Our frames are made with the highest quality materials and pressure treated wood at a fraction of the cost of frames bought over the internet. 

Throughout the years it has been evident that mixing Drift Wood and other types of exotic woods in our gardens has resulted in the most dramatic and captivating landscapes possible. For a limited time, Isaac Farms will be offering three types of exotic wood no longer available for harvesting anywhere in the country. We came across giant Red Wood Slabs from the Sequoia National Forest in California more than 30 years old, Cypress Drift Wood from Africa, and Mangrove roots more than half a century old. These exotic woods are almost impossible to find as they have been highly protected for many years. As environmentalists we support the protection of our forests and comprehend the benefits of conserving them; however urge our customers to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity of owning these gorgeous woods. 


In our Farm you will find From Ground Orchids like Cymbidiums, Ephidendrums & spathoglotys  to the most exotic Vanda, Catleyas, & Dendrobiums, Isaac Farms continually updates its stock of Orchids. Due to the seasonality of Orchids, please contact us to see which product offerings are available at any particular time. Our excellent prices allows our customers to purchase that special Orchid they like without the need to buy a great volume from an offshore Orchids specialist. 

Isaac Farms has significantly expanded its Air Plant offerings. We are now able to offer our customers over 25 varieties of air plants ranging from 1" to massive Tillandsia clusters. Contact us for wholesale pricing or to reserve a part of our production run for the season. Due to the compactness and light weight of air plants, shipping is very insignificant even for small value-minded stores or individual customers. 


Resulting from decades of experience cultivating Bromeliads & Hoyas in the northern region of Colombia, Isaac Farms is able to grow them with unmatched quality in Miami. We offer many varieties of bromeliads but are currently focusing about 90% of our resources on Neoregelia varieties. As our planned expansion continues, we will be adding approximately 10,000 additional sq.ft of production space dedicated to the different exotic bromeliad & Hoyas varieties that our customers request.

Our new greenhouse development project has allowed us to dedicate over 165,000 Sq,ft solely to the production of the most sought after cactus and Succulents varieties. After a 6 month venture acquiring the best specimens from across the globe, our production run is in full gear. Wholesell Stores, Interior Designers, Florists, Landscapers and customers alike will be specially pleased with our diverse product offerings and wide range of cacti and Succulent sizes. 



Isaac Farms has South Florida's largest selection of ceramic pottery. Our hand-made pottery comes from all corners of the world; Our range extends from hand-made double glazed exotic pottery from Vietnam, hand-made pottery from Colombia, China, Malasya, Italy, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Our extensive variety accommodates both Landscapers, Exporters, Re-Sellers and Home Gardeners alike. Please feel free to ask us about wholesale pricing. Our direct partnerships with the factories allows us to offer the best pricing available in our sector.



Isaac Farms is proud to offer the rarest varieties of Desert Roses (Adenium) brought directly from over the world to our customers. We constantly search for new varieties , it is no surprise that collectors have always raved about the rare varieties that they find at our nursery. With over one hundred and fifty varieties of Adenium available, we can offer single, double, and triple flowers varieties in a wide range of colors and sizes. From pups to our multi-decade old caudexes there is certainly a special Adenium just for you.


We are proud to present our customers with one of the widest varieties of Succulent Arrangements available on the market today. With many years of experience creating them, we have all kind of custom designs, we use Wood, Stone, Cement, Fiber, Ceramic, Talavera & Glass. Designers, Event Planners, Landscapers, Home-gardeners and Clients alike have always insisted that Isaac Farm's Arrangements are the best available.


Isaac Farms is highly specialized in the production of succulents and cactus. We currently offer one of the largest selection of succulent and cacti varieties in the United States. With over Fourteen Acres of green-houses dedicated to production, Isaac Farms has been an innovator in the ultra low maintenance field for over fourteen years now. Succulent Arrangements, walls and gardens have been featured in countless publications due to their natural beauty and extreme easy of maintenance.